SpacePak & Unico SDHV Manual J & D

Quality SDHV Manual J load calculations, Manual S equipment selection & Manual D duct design services

SDHV SpacePak, Unico & Hi-Velocity HVAC designs require unique rules & theory knowledge to complete accurate SDHV Manual J load calculations, Manual S equipment selection and SDHV Manual D duct design.  We are EXPERT SDHV HVAC Designers completing THOUSANDS of SDHV designs for SpacePak and Unico clients since 2005!

ACCA Manual J, S & D SDHV HVAC Design Services

SpacePak, Unico System & Hi-Velocity

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Small duct high velocity (such as SpacePak, Hi-Velocity and Unico System) Quality HVAC Designs

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Sizing a SDHV HVAC System Properly

Submission of an ACCA Certified Manual J Load Calculation is a code requirement in many states and for many EnergyStar and utility HVAC rebate programs, it is an application requirement. In many states, a Manual J Load Calculation is required to obtain a building permit. IRC & IRB 2012 code requires an ACCA Certified Manual J, S & D calculations. An ACCA Certified Manual J Load Analysis professionally prepared by an Experienced SDHV HVAC designer provides you with the design parameters to help select a properly sized small duct high velocity heating and cooling system.

Why do I need an HVAC ACCA Certified Manual J Load Calculation Report for my SDHV heating and cooling system?

SpacePak, Hi-Velocity & Unico System heating and cooling systems must be properly sized for maximizing the performance of the SDHV HVAC system and for providing the ultimate comfort to the end user.

With a properly performed SpacePak, Unico or Hi-Velocity Manual J heating and cooling load calculation and SDHV Manual D duct design, you are providing your customers with the fastest and most accurate SDHV HVAC sizing and design on the market today... all at an affordable price.  See our upfront SDHV Manual J, S & D Pricing

How does SDHV Manual J, S & D factor in?

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Manual J Residential Load Calculation is the accepted industry standard for the proper sizing and selection of HVAC equipment in residential applications. A quality SDHV installation begins with a professional Manual J, S & D design. A professional HVAC design begins with a quality load calculation.  A quality SDHV Manual JSD design will help:

• Optimize Efficiency

• Reduce Maintenance and Operating Cost

• Achieve Ideal Comfort

• Qualify for Rebate Programs (some states)

• Required for Building Permit (some states)

What does your SDHV Manual J, S & D Report Include?
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This complete turnkey package (including a full system design) insures the proper sizing of your SpacePak, Unico System or H-Velocity HVAC equipment. Your SDHV Manual JSD Report encludes a small duct high velocity Manual J load calculation, SDHV Manual S equipment verification and SDHV Manual D duct sizing design which helps with optimizing performance, comfort, and ultimately customer satisfaction.

• SDHV System Manual J Design

• Project Location & Weather Data

• Detailed "Load Summary"

• Building Energy Analysis

• Complete Project Summary

• SDHV Manual "D" - Layout Design (if purchased)

• Specific Bill of Materials Listing (SpacePak ONLY)


Savoy Engineering Group is the Perfect SDHV Hi-Velocity, SpacePak or Unico System Quality HVAC Designer for YOUR Project!

Savoy Engineering Group offers SDHV SpacePak & Unico System ACCA Manual J load calculations and ACCA Manual D duct designs. We are expert SDHV designers knowing all the SDHV design rules for both load calcs and high velocity ductwork sizing. We have performed thousands of Unico Systems and SpacePak HVAC designs since 2005.

In fact, Savoy Engineering Group will create The Unico System or SpacePak solution for your home!